Reserve a place for a homeless person this Christmas

£22.29 reserves one place at Crisis at Christmas and provides...

  • Welcoming support from people who really care
  • Three nutritious hot meals including Christmas dinner
  • The chance to shower and change clothes, have a haircut and get a health check
  • Expert advice on life-changing issues like housing and employment
  • An introduction to Crisis year-round services for training and support for the future


MartinYour gift could mean everything to someone like Martin. After his father, sister and brother died – one of them at Christmas – Martin struggled to hold his life together. Then a sudden illness meant he lost his job – and everything fell apart. Martin found himself alone on the streets.

Christmas was the worst time of all.

“If you’ve lost family over Christmas, it’s horrible. There aren’t enough tears. And out there, it’s bitter. You find your cardboard to sleep on, and you settle down but it’s so cold you can’t sleep and you’re coughing. You really feel it.”

Martin was shocked at how people treated him too. They look at you as if you’re invisible,  he remembers.

But when Martin found Crisis at Christmas, everything changed. He was amazed to be welcomed in and looked after.

“I’m just loving it. I went to the dentist, someone was sewing my coat, and the food! Crisis just brings people together. If I wasn’t here I’d be sleeping in a doorway.”

The future is looking brighter now. “I can go to Crisis in the new year and do something. I’m going to find somewhere to stay, get back into employment. It all starts here!”

When Martin left us his life was on the up once more. What better Christmas present could you give someone?



Most Generous donations

  • £3000 gift from anonymous
  • £3000 gift from anonymous
  • £3000 gift from anonymous
  • £2800 gift from anonymous
  • £2500 gift from anonymous
  • £2229 gift from anonymous Best wishes to everyone at Crisis for a happy and peaceful Christmas. I hope 2016 will be a better year for you and bring hope and opportunities for a better life.
  • £2229 gift from Mike Chandler Hope this donation helps this Christmas. Cablelines, Cablenet, ConnectorCo and Netshop group of companies.
  • £2229 gift from anonymous
  • £2229 gift from anonymous Merry Christmas & hoping that next year brings health, happiness and good luck xo
  • £2229 gift from Hugh Meredith Best Wishes to everyone at Crisis
  • £2229 gift from Jessica Fletcher
  • £2229 gift from anonymous
  • £2229 gift from anonymous
  • £2229 gift from anonymous
  • £2229 gift from anonymous
  • £2229 gift from anonymous Happy Christmas - May 2016 bring good luck and happiness for you all.
  • £2000 gift from anonymous
  • £1560.3 gift from anonymous Very happy to support Crisis giving food, companionship and hope to people on their own this Christmas.
  • £1500 gift from anonymous
  • £1500 gift from anonymous
  • £1114.5 gift from anonymous
  • £1114.5 gift from Julia Boddy May you have a better 2016. Happy Christmas!
  • £1114.5 gift from anonymous
  • £1114.5 gift from anonymous
  • £1114.5 gift from Shaws Kensington Estate Agents Ltd
  • £1114.5 gift from anonymous We hope next year brings you good luck. Best wishes.
  • £1114.5 gift from anonymous
  • £1114.5 gift from anonymous Have a Merry Christmas. We all have a duty to help those less fortunate than ourselves
  • £1114.5 gift from Daniel Maiden Great cause. Our role is easy (i.e. donating some cash)....your role is hard (i.e. doing all the work!). Thank you all at Crisis!
  • £1114.5 gift from Richard Forwood

Recent donations

  • £22.29 gift from anonymous I hope this helps create a better start to 2016. Happy Christmas !
  • £1114.5 gift from Emma Ko Merry Christmas to you all - hope you have a lovely day and great 2016
  • £222.9 gift from Christopher Hill Make a friend.
  • £22.29 gift from Gary Evans
  • £22.29 gift from Bobby Edmunds Praying that we can tackle homelessness, God bless u all
  • £22.29 gift from anonymous On behalf of my uncle and aunt (Jennifer & Lambert,) hope you have a Happy Christmas and a healthy and happy 2016!
  • £44.58 gift from anonymous In memory of Daniel Gauntlett
  • £56 gift from anonymous My Christmas present to you - enjoy!
  • £22.29 gift from anonymous We are praying that your life will turn around next year - go for it if you can
  • £22.29 gift from Suzanne Lewis Wish I could help more, but if everyone helped one person there would be so many more smiles this Christmas.
  • £66.87 gift from anonymous
  • £22.29 gift from Alexandra Bodley Merry christmas
  • £222.9 gift from Christopher H Knights May God bless you through the support that Crisis provides this Christmas. We will be praying for you as we remember the coming of our Saviour, Jesus, as a vulnerable, homeless baby to Earth at the first Christmas. Love from The Knights Family x
  • £111.45 gift from anonymous
  • £44.58 gift from Diane Heyes It is a small gesture, but we know that you will all work together to make a special day. Our very best wishes to you all. Paul & Di
  • £44.58 gift from anonymous Best wishes to you. We hope life gets better for you from this day forward xx
  • £22.29 gift from Laura Batchelor-Atkins
  • £44.58 gift from anonymous Wishing all staff, volunteers and clients of Crisis a very happy Christmas and a safe and healthy new year
  • £22.29 gift from anonymous
  • £22.29 gift from Karleen Wood
  • £44.58 gift from anonymous
  • £22.29 gift from anonymous I wish you all had a home where you could be warm and safe.
  • £222.9 gift from Jan Ram Happy Christmas to one and all !!!
  • £222.9 gift from malcolm sargeant
  • £111.45 gift from Nicola Jackson Hope you can have a restful Christmas, from Nicky
  • £44.58 gift from anonymous
  • £22.29 gift from Ken Payne
  • £111.45 gift from anonymous Merry Christmas - we hope this brings you a better 2016. xx
  • £222.9 gift from anonymous Least we can do. Best wishes
  • £22.29 gift from Alison Emmett

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