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This time last year, I was homeless

My name’s Lawrence and this time last year I was homeless. If you don’t mind I won’t go into all the details, but things started to go wrong after my relationship broke down. Then I was beaten up and robbed and ended up in hospital. One thing led to another and I ended up back in the city I’ve known most of my life.

The good news was that I managed to get a job as a hospital porter on a temporary contract.

But I couldn't get a place to live, 
I was at the back of the queue for housing

I tried to see if I could rent a place. But this is an expensive city. It was going to cost me £2,224 just to move into a room – and on minimum wage, there was no way I could afford that!

It seemed like there was no solution – then I went to Crisis

To be honest, that was one of my lowest points. It seemed like there was no solution and I’d been homeless for months. Then I realised there was a local Crisis Skylight centre. And that’s where I met Chris. I told him about my whole situation.

Chris was on it right away. He said, “We’re going to get you a house.” And he did! It’s an ideal place, right near the hospital where I work. Crisis provided the money for the deposit and the first month’s rent and then when I needed more money because I didn’t have a guarantor, they came through for me with that too. I can’t thank Chris and everyone at Crisis enough for the difference they’ve made to me.

Crisis take the time to listen.
They take the time to help you find a place. And they help make sure that you know how to manage in your new home

So if you can, please make a donation to support Crisis. Believe me, when you’ve been at the bottom, simply being in your own place, being able to shut your door and doing things like cooking for yourself, or inviting a mate round for a coffee make all the difference in the world – and really help you get your self-belief and confidence back.