First Prize - £7,500 or a Caribbean break

Play the Spring Raffle and a whopping £7,500 cash could be all yours, or choose a luxurious once in a lifetime Caribbean getaway for two instead!

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First prize £7,500 cash or a Caribbean getaway for two First prize £7,500 cash or a Caribbean getaway for two Second prize £1,000 cash or a top-tier camera Third Prize - a day at the races or take £500 Five prizes of £50 and ten prizes of £25 in cash

The Raffle is now closed

The draw will take place on 23 June and winners will be notified in writing and on the website

How Crisis helped Jim


“Jim used to have a full and happy life, with his own home, a loving girlfriend and a job working as a carer. Then one day, he tripped over – and that was all it took to set him on the road to homelessness.”


“I was on the street. It was freezing, it was snowing and I was terrified, absolutely terrified. I was thinking: ‘Something has to change, there must be something out there...'"


“I got in touch with Crisis a year ago, found out about the classes, and things took off from there! I’m hoping to start college, to do something like social care. I want to do something that helps other people.”


“Things have improved enormously since I became involved with Crisis. It’s been fantastic.”

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