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When you’re homeless, Christmas can be the toughest time of all for someone like Scott. He never knew what it was like to feel safe. Surrounded by violence, he left home when he’d had enough of being beaten up by his dad. He soon found himself on the streets, alone and terrified. He was 19 years old. ‘I was sleeping rough,’ Scott says.’ I weren’t eating, I weren’t drinking. I was dying, physically and mentally dying.’ Crisis’ support helped Scott find the confidence to move on with his life. Scott was keen to continue working with Crisis Skylight’ I want to be working; I want my mum to be proud of me and to show her that I can change my life.’

Reserve a place today and you’ll also be giving someone clean clothes, warmth and comfort. A proper health check, maybe some new glasses, decent shoes. And then there’s all the other help when Christmas is over, with housing, gaining skills and finding work – wherever someone is right now, Crisis will help them get to the next step . One more step out of homelessness.

Please reserve a place today for someone like Scott.  Thank You.

One place at Crisis at Christmas provides...

  • A warm welcome and good company
  • Three nutritious, hot meals, including Christmas dinner
  • A chance to shower, freshen up and get clean clothes
  • Health check and treatment from a doctor optician and dentist
  • Advice on housing and employment
  • Expert help with mental health and addiction problems
  • Access to year-round services at Crisis Skylight
  • £20.48 = 1 place
  • £40.96 = 2 places
  • £102.40 = 5 places
  • £204.80 = 10 places
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